How do I choose the right height of artificial grass?

Artificial grass, or synthetic grass, has numerous applications in sports infrastructure, home interiors, lawns, etc. they are a stylistic and budget-friendly alternative to growing real natural grass. But the sheer range of products available and their variety can surprise and confuse a buyer when it comes to artificial grass, whether you are shopping for a sports facility or your home lawn. One of the main concerns when buying artificial grass is choosing the right pile height. So, how do you choose the right height while buying artificial grass? In this article, we will discuss factors to consider while choosing the right height for your artificial grass.



Pile height

The pile height refers to the entire height of an artificial grass carpet; it is measured from the tip of the fibre surface to the bottom of the grass backing. Usually, this height is measured in millimetres and can range between 10 mm and 200 mm. The pile height of the artificial grass can drastically change based on the purpose for which it is used, and many factors can influence our choice of pile height when buying artificial grass.


Factors to consider while purchasing artificial grass

While choosing the artificial grass, whether it is for a sports facility or your own home lawn, many factors should be considered. The pile height of artificial grass is a crucial consideration, and it influences many of these factors.



How good would your lawn or a turf field look with the artificial grass you have chosen? Aesthetics is a big concern, especially when it comes to artificial grass for outdoor facilities and lawns. Artitficial grass in the first place is a stylistic and budget-friendly alternative to natural grass, so whatever the purpose of your purchase, it should look realistic and beautiful.


The right pile height has a huge role in making the artificial grass carpets look realistic. For example, if you are purchasing artificial grass to build a beautiful and comfortable lawn in front of your house, a longer pile height would look and feel more comfortable compared to a very short pile height of cricket turf.



Quality and durability are extremely important factors to consider while buying artificial grass. Quality synthetic grass turfs are generally very durable and can withstand weather conditions and regular stress for extended periods. But when it comes to a longer pile height, it might flatten too quickly, so consider the amount of general footfall and select a durable material with an appropriate pile height.



The purpose of the artificial grass you are buying is closely related to the pile height of the material, and it is a crucial factor to consider before making your final pick. Artificial grass is used in a variety of spaces, such as lawns, sports facilities, swimming pools, and rooftop gardens, for aesthetic and functional reasons, and each of these places might need a different pile height to function properly and to look good. So keep the purpose in mind while choosing your artificial grass carpet.



Whether you are installing artificial grass in your lawn or sports turf, people are going to have physical contact with it regularly, so comfort is an important factor to consider. Pile height plays a crucial role when it comes to the comfort and feeling of artificial grass when you walk and run on its surface. A longer pile height offers more comfort when you walk on the surface and provides a better cushioning effect, but we also need to consider the purpose and durability before choosing the final product.



Classification of artificial grass based on pile height

Now that we have discussed the factors you should consider before choosing your artificial grass and the influence of pile height when it comes to these factors, we know how important it is to select artificial grass with the right pile height. Now let’s look at a classification of artificial grass based on pile height and the appropriate sports it is suitable for.


Short: Most suitable for cricket pitches and hockey fields, the short pile height artificial grass pitches have a height between 8 mm and 12 mm, and they have characteristically high-density grass fibers too. This kind of artificial grass pitch is very easy to clean and ensures the precision of the games.


Medium: The medium-height artificial grass pitches have a pile height ranging between 20 mm and 35 mm, and they are perfect for playing hockey and tennis. The medium-height turfs are a great choice for sports training too.


Long: With a pile height ranging between 40 mm and 65 mm, the long pile artificial grass turfs have realistic grass fibers and better shock absorption capacity. This kind of turf is ideal for football, rugby, and golf.


Pick of the bunch!

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