Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass: A Complete Guide for Buyers’

Artificial grass installation is a budget-friendly stylistic alternative to natural grass, considering the time and effort required to maintain a natural grass sports field or lawn. As technology advances, manufacturers of artificial grass are developing realistic artificial grass turfs that could compete with natural grass and have additional features like UV protection. However, if you are planning to buy artificial grass for your gym, sports field, home lawn, or indoor use, knowing the pros and cons and other specific features of artificial grass will be beneficial, right? Here is a complete buyers’ guide to help you!


Pros of artificial grass

Durability: Long lifespan and durability are some of the most attractive qualities of artificial grass turfs. If you install good-quality synthetic grass turf and maintain it well, it will last for years. Compared to natural grass pitches and lawns, which can be affected by weather conditions, artificial grass is the most durable and consistent option out there.

Low maintenance: Apart from the initial installation process, artificial grass turf is generally low maintenance compared to natural grass. There is no need for a lawnmower to maintain the right height of the grass or for a person to water the field at regular intervals to keep the grass healthy. With artificial grass turfs, you don’t need to worry about weed growth, irregular surfaces, or dug-up holes. This advantage will save a significant amount of your time, resources, and money compared to general natural grass fields and lawns.

Cost-effective: The low maintenance and durability make artificial grass an extremely cost-effective option compared to natural grass.  apart from the initial installation cost, artificial sports fields or lawns need very little maintenance and effort, and considering the long lifespan of good artificial turf, this is a big save. If you are buying artificial grass for a gym, a football field, or any other sports facility, you can earn back the money spent on it within a short time frame and profit from the turf for a long period of time with minimal maintenance.

Aesthetic quality: Compared to natural grass fields and lawns, artificial grass turfs are aesthetically pleasing and can be customised according to your intent and preferences. Natural grass is vulnerable to weather conditions; it can dry and turn yellow during hot summers and have muddy patches during monsoons. On the other hand, artificial grass maintains the aesthetic of your field or lawn year-round without weather conditions influencing it.

Safety: On artificial grass turf, you don’t need to use any kind of pesticides or herbicides, which makes it significantly safer for children and pets, and it is also a safer option for people with pollen allergies. Unlike natural grass fields, which can have irregular surfaces and inconsistencies throughout the year, artificial grass and turf provide a consistent and even surface for athletes, reducing accidents and injuries.


Cons of artificial grass

Initial cost: Even though, as we discussed before, artificial grass turf is a long-term investment with potential profit, the initial costs of installation are rather high compared to natural grass. The intended use of artificial grass turf also plays a part when it comes to the type of artificial grass you should purchase and its cost.

For example, you can’t use the same kind of artificial grass for a lawn or a football field; you might need to consider foot traffic, impact, and many other factors. So according to the use and quality of the material, the initial cost can vary, but when you consider the durability and low maintenance costs, this initial cost can be viewed as a reasonable investment.

Installation: There are tutorials out there on the internet that teach you the installation procedures of an artificial grass pitch, but despite that, you might still need the help of professionals to install your artificial grass effectively based on the landscape, layout, purpose, and location of your space. Even though this might be an additional cost, efficient installation will keep your turf in place and ensure its safety and durability.

Heating: Compared to natural grass, artificial grass is immune to weather conditions for the most part, but during hot summers, the turf gets really hot. But cooling technologies and infills that reduce high temperatures can easily mitigate this situation.


How to choose the best artificial grass?

Now we have gone through the most prominent pros and cons of artificial grass. Compared to natural grass, artificial grass is a highly efficient and consistent alternative, regardless of its applications. But how do you choose the best artificial grass? Well, when it comes to that, the application for which you are buying it has great significance. The shape of the artificial grass, pile height, thickness, and colour all matter when it comes to choosing the right artificial grass.

Compared to football turf or a sports field, your home lawn might not experience heavy foot traffic. So you need to choose artificial grass that can withstand continued use and heavy footfall fall impacts for a sports field. Whereas when it comes to indoor use or lawn, you might not need to worry too much about heavy foot traffic. The aesthetic value and durability of the material should be another consideration. Remember that artificial grass is a long-term investment, so compromising the quality is not applicable.

Surekha Export’s artificial grass installation procedure puts a great emphasis on ensuring the drainage system works properly when it comes to installing artificial grass in an outdoor setting. This is another important factor you should consider when buying artificial grass. We are one of the best artificial turf installation and sports infrastructure construction companies operating in India. With almost two decades of experience in the field and successful projects in each corner of the country, we are excited to be part of the changing face of sports infrastructure in India. Connect with us and learn more about our services and advanced installation procedures.


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