What are the Criteria for a FIFA-Approved Turf- A Comprehensive Guide

 Football turf is the greatest substitute for natural grass because of its advantages, such as tolerance to various weather conditions and capacity to sustain more rigorous use. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) resolved to accept artificial football turfs for international competition games if they matched the FIFA Quality Concept for Football grass standards during its annual general meeting in February 2004

What are the Quality and Performance Standards for a FIFA-Approved Turf?

Only artificial turf installation services that adhere to the standards outlined in the Handbook of Requirements are given one of the FIFA quality marks and are referred to as football turf.

Football turf is subjected to a stringent two-stage testing process that includes testing the product in a lab and testing the final installation to make sure it satisfies standards for playing performance, safety, durability, and quality assurance. Both testing stages emphasize:

  • The player’s relationship with the surface
  • The ball’s interaction with the surface
  • item composition
  • resistance to weather
  • Seam durability
  • service period

You may verify that the playing surface satisfies all of the FIFA Quality Programme’s requirements by comparing the results of the two tests. FIFA awards the finished installation either the FIFA QUALITY or the FIFA QUALITY PRO label if both tests are successful.


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What are the Field Testing Requirements for FIFA Certification?


Artificial grass fields must meet the 45×90- or 90×120-meter international FIFA criteria. Fields must pass FIFA inspection. Artificial grass that is FIFA-compliant has a certain size and surface. These floors are certified as FIFA 1 Star or 2 Star after completing the examinations. 


What procedures must be followed in order for FIFA to register an artificial turf football pitch?


There are two main steps needed to become FIFA-certified: in the lab and on the pitch.


Laboratory tests of the football turf systems: Artificial grass must be tested before installation by a FIFA-accredited test facility. Performance and component testing are handled by this test. Hence, a legitimate FIFA lab test report.


Football turf system field tests are required by FIFA, in accordance with the 2015 Testing Manual, and must be done prior to artificial sports turf installation.  After installation, FIFA-compliant sub-base inspection. Tests must be passed before the completed pitch may be used as a FIFA-approved football pitch.


What are the Third-Generation Fields that meet FIFA Standards? 


Third-generation (3G) or “rubber-crumb” fields are frequently utilized for rugby and soccer. The pile height of artificial turf carpets normally ranges from 35 to 65 mm. 


  • Stabilizers and fillers regulate the characteristics of the polypropylene or polyethylene fibers used in these carpets.
  • A base layer of sand is used as an infill material to provide stability, and an upper layer of “performance infill” is normally made of rubber granules, however, other infill materials combine sand and rubber.
  • The surface system’ is made up of an infilled carpet and a drainage system for removing extra water. The base is often asphalt or gravel.


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  • Routine cleaning to remove debris
  • Cleaning and disinfecting to safeguard the players’ health
  • Maintenance to prevent the field from deteriorating more quickly
  • Using water to cool off on hot days
  • In order to prevent concussions, the surface hardness must be maintained and tested.
  • Substitute for infill
  • Water System Repairs


What is the Additional Quality Control by FIFA?


Apart from the Mandatory testing process, FIFA takes some additional quality assurance tests on randomly selected pitches. These evaluations are intended to help the final user by offering instructions on how to utilise and maintain the field properly. If repairs are required, the manufacturer will also be notified.


From this, we can understand that FIFA’s primary objective is to ensure the high standards and ongoing care of sports turfs that distinguish themselves from the vast array of turf options available to sports enthusiasts. This means that FIFA is dedicated to upholding the quality and consistency of playing surfaces used in various sports, particularly in the realm of football (soccer). 


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